Canon PIXMA TS5100 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS5100 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS5100 Drivers Download

IJ Start Canon PIXMA TS5100 Drivers Windows
Download ««« Full Driver for Windows x32 x64
Download ««« XPS Driver for Windows x32 x64
Download ««« MP Driver for Windows x32 x64

Canon PIXMA TS5100 Drivers OS X/ Mac
Download ««« Software Package Driver for Mac x32 x64

IJ Start Canon PIXMA TS5100 Drivers Linux
Download ««« ScanGear MP for Linux — rpm
Download ««« IJ Printer Driver for Linux — Source file
Download ««« ScanGear MP for Linux — Source file
Download ««« IJ Setup Canon Printer Driver for Linux — rpm
Download ««« IJ Start Canon Printer Driver for Linux — debian
Download ««« ScanGear MP for Linux — debian

IJ Start Cannon Drivers Andorid/ Mobile/ Tablet
Download ««« Android Mobile Tablets Driver

Support Driver Source: Canon USA


IJ Start Canon PIXMA TS5100 Configuration– The Canon Pixma TS5100 is a fundamental across the board worked for home utilize. At $70, this inkjet printer is among the minimum costly models in the classification. Despite the fact that the list of capabilities stresses effortlessness, you do get a duplexer for making two-sided prints (an element typically accessible just on pricier models).

The TS5100 has a little body and comes in dark or white. Without paper stacked, it gauges a little more than 14 pounds, light enough that you can move it around effectively. The little, 2.5-inch LCD is a showcase just, not a touch screen. There are, notwithstanding, physical catches that simplicity remain solitary task. This printer foregoes a programmed record feeder to finish everything and has no SD Card space or USB coordinate print port for printing from a memory card or thumb drive, individually.

There’s no programmed archive feeder to finish everything. On the base of the undercarriage is the paper tape, with a yield plate simply above it.

The TS5100 printed our five-page content archive in 36.1 seconds, or 8.3 pages for each moment. That is roughy normal speed. For instance, our Editor’s Pick, the Epson XP-640, was a couple of moments quicker, at 33.1 seconds.

The TS5100 likewise printed our blended content and shading designs archive with normal speed. At 2 minutes, 33 seconds (or 2.4 ppm), this printer was much slower than the snappiest model we’ve tried (the Epson XP-640), which took only 1 minute, 11 seconds.

The TS5100 makes two-sided content prints generally gradually, at 2.2 ppm, contrasted with the normal of 3.1 ppm. At 4 minutes, 29 seconds, it took over a moment longer than the normal to print our 10-page content archive.

Notwithstanding, the TS5100 is among the quickest models at printing two-sided shading records with blended content and designs. Printing our six-page record at 2.2 ppm, the TS5100 bested every single other model. At 2 minutes, 47 seconds, the TS5100 was 40 seconds quicker than the normal of 3 minutes, 27 seconds.

The TS5100 was additionally quicker than the normal at printing our test picture at high-goals settings on letter-estimate photograph paper. It took 4 minutes, 3 seconds to do as such, or 55 seconds quicker than the normal. A few different models were fundamentally quicker, in any case. The Canon Pixma TS6020, for instance, printed a similar picture in only 1 minute, 54 seconds.

The TS5100 printed a 4-by-6 page in 1 minute, 2 seconds at default settings, and in 2 minutes, 3 seconds, best case scenario Quality settings.

The TS5100 turned in generally normal speeds in our duplicating tests. It replicated a highly contrasting page in 14.4 seconds, or about 1 second quicker than the normal. The Epson XP-640 made a similar duplicate in 11.8 seconds, while the HP Envy 5540 was essentially slower, at 21.9 seconds.

Making a shading duplicate in 29.3 seconds, the TS5100 was simply underneath the normal, yet 10 seconds slower than the lighting-quick Canon Pixma TS6020. The Epson XP-640 made a shading duplicate in 23 seconds.

Checking in shading at 600 dpi to JPEG design, the TS5100 was quicker than the normal, at 61 seconds. Our Editor’s Pick, the Epson XP-640, played out this errand in only 41.6 seconds. At the opposite end of the range, the HP Envy 5540 took 1:31 to make a similar sweep.

Checking in high contrast to PDF at 300 dpi, the TS5100 was blisteringly quick. It took only 7.3 seconds to make a PDF, making the TS5100 the quickest model on this test to date. By examination, the Epson XP-640 took 16.1 seconds. This was the main speed test in which the TS5100 bested our Editor’s Pick.

Content printed genuinely dim and sharp, however errant shower damaged the edges of some letterforms. The content prints did not exactly equal the sharpness of laser-printer results, however the quality was very great. Duplex prints of content, be that as it may, looked lighter and grayish contrasted with single-sided prints.

The TS5100 printed extremely alluring shading illustrations on plain paper. Hues were all around immersed, looked common and had a lot of fine detail. Midtone changes looked smooth. Like two-sided prints of content, shading designs printed utilizing the duplexer looked lighter by and large; dull regions specifically imprinted in lighter tones. Points of interest and smooth midtone changes were kept up, nonetheless.

Photos imprinted on polished paper demonstrated bunches of fine detail, lavishly immersed hues and smooth surfaces. In our test representation, skin tone looked normal, and in our print of a still life, the TS5100 recreated reasonable shades and a lot of fine detail.

Duplicate quality was high on designs, which had loads of detail and luxuriously immersed shading. Content replicated from plain-paper firsts was adequately dull and very sharp, in spite of the fact that duplicates of sleeker letterforms from a reflexive magazine turned out with marginally fluffy edges.

Sweep quality was great and keeping pace with that of contending models. Sweeps of photos had exact, very much immersed hues and replicated fine subtle elements well. Sweeps of illustrations recreated the tonal range well, however message looked rougher around the edges (at the same time, once more, on a standard with contending models’ outcomes).

The TS5100 keeps ink purchasing straightforward, utilizing only two cartridges: a dark and a tri-shading. Utilizing standard cartridges, evaluated printing costs are over the normal. The TS5100 utilizes 10.6 pennies worth of ink for content pages. By examination, the Epson XP-640 has an expense for each page of only 5.8 pennies. Dark ink costs are still better than expected utilizing the XL cartridge, however at 7.7 pennies, the TS5100 is still more costly than most other tried models. Be that as it may, a XXL dark ink cartridge is accessible, with an expense for every page of 6.7 pennies.

At 24.4 pennies for each shading page, the TS5100 costs more than the normal for tried models. Once more, the Epson XP-640 is essentially lower, at 18.8 pennies. Utilizing high return cartridges, the TS5100’s expense per page is 15.7 pennies. While that is actually the equivalent as the HP Envy 5540’s 15.6 pennies, it’s not so low as the Epson XP-640’s 10 pennies.

The TS5100 is anything but difficult to set up. Subsequent to expelling the pressing tape from outside and inside the unit, you pursue the on-screen prompts until the point when the printer instructs you to proceed with the “Beginning” printed manage.

Interfacing with my PC, my telephone and my Wi-Fi organize was basic. For Wi-Fi, I utilized the WPS strategy, squeezing the catch on my remote switch. The printer, be that as it may, was to some degree ease back to make the association.

The across the board accompanies a CD-ROM, yet the printed guide guides you to introduce programming from the web. Be cautioned that on the off chance that you pick the full establishment, it will incorporate My Image Garden, or, in other words download that you may not require. The presentation appeared at first that it would take 7 minutes to download the product, at that point knock that up to 9 minutes.

My Image Garden completes a great deal of things, including checking. In any case, in the event that you as of now have a photograph coordinator and a photograph editorial manager, you may not require this program. I thought that it was hard to escape once it sprung up on my Windows work area, for instance.

I found the TS5100’s paper-enlistment highlight a touch of befuddling. When you haul out the paper tape, you have to enroll the paper compose. Be that as it may, when you go to your PC, the paper compose does not change except if you have checked the case saying, “Let the application change my printing inclinations.”

You can put the TS5100 on your remote system and utilize the Canon Print application with your savvy gadget. AirPrint is bolstered for iOS gadgets. To set up the TS5100 with my Android telephone, I just adhered to the directions on the printer’s presentation (iOS gadgets are additionally upheld). It demonstrated a secret word that I composed on my telephone’s touch screen into the Canon Print application. I wound up more than once attempting to tap the screen on the TS5100, overlooking it’s solitary a presentation.

The TS5100 begins up rapidly, doing as such in only 6 seconds.

The Pixma TS5100 is a fundamental across the board offering the adaptability of a duplexer and two paper plate. At a reasonable cost, you get good execution in a financial plan valued model. Be that as it may, the absence of touch-screen usefulness makes remain solitary activity not as much as rich.

At last, the lower nature of two-sided prints is disillusioning, or more normal ink costs will include as time goes on. For generally a similar value, our Editor’s Pick, the Epson XP-640, does nearly everything quicker and conveys bring down ink costs — and that incorporates quicker duplex printing, without a hit on print quality.

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