Canon Pixma MX725 Driver Download

Canon Pixma MX725 Driver Download– The Canon Pixma MX725 is one of the best printer designs measuring 491 x 396 x 231mm with glossy black color designed for printing remotely.

From classic prints to do anything, these are scanners, copiers, fax machines, photo printers, and dishwashers. OK, I lied about one of those features, and sadly it’s no faxing.

You can connect using wi-fi or wired Ethernet LAN, and it supports all popular cloud printing systems for mobile device output. There is also a USB port for dumping scanned files to a memory stick or for printing from a single ..

The networking feature that’s clearly missing here is Bluetooth, which you can add with a USB dongle for an extra fee if you absolutely must have one.

Print quality is top-notch, built around Canon’s five-cart system at up to 9600 x 2400 dpi, providing black text pigment plus CYMK. Adjusting the output power, Canon added a 2400 x 4800 dpi scanner, with a 35-page document feeder.

Incredibly for a device this cheap, there are also two paper holders: one that holds 250 sheets of paper up to A4 and a 20-sheet tray made especially for envelopes and smaller photo stock.

The MX725 has almost identical specifications to the MX925, in all respects except the control panel display size and a few other minor differences, as the Canon Pixma MX725 does not offer disc printing.

As with most multi-function printers, I really appreciate the five-ink system here, because you won’t be wasting a tri-color basket with ink in it.

The most obvious of these is the tiny 2.5” screen and associated keypad, probably made from old cell phone technology. If HP can fit a very easy-to-read touch panel on its HP Envy 7640 for no more than this price, why not Canon? And I’m not sure why all the controls have to be on the hinged panel with the scanner cover? I find that ergonomics isn’t the strong point here right away, when the output tray is automatically used, covering the USB slots I then need to access. There are three other sides to this port, so why put it under the output tray

However, if you can see past the elephant’s girth and faulty controls, inside this giant black box is actually a pretty decent printing press and decent quality scanner.

Photo printing in particular is excellent, and fairly fast considering the number of individual picolitres expended to produce a borderless A4 print.

The catch, and it’s not just Canon’s problem, is the pressing cost of printing ink, which is not something even the rich have to do. Canon has tried to compensate by offering the XL and XXL buggies, which suggests it has a design that could be cheaper to run from the start but, sadly, doesn’t.

In its defense, Canon has four color multi ‘value’ packages, though it hasn’t launched a monthly ink subscription service yet. Inkjet printing doesn’t come cheap but you do it, although at least this printer uses the CL-555, CL-551, and CL-550 trains, which are common to many other Pixma designs.

While I applaud the dual paper sources, network options, and high print quality, Canon really needs to ditch the stupid phone controls and zoom out this box dramatically.

If he could do that and bring it around this price, he would have an absolute winner on his hands.

Canon Pixma MX725 Driver Download

IJ Start Canon Pixma MX725 Drivers Windows

Download ««« Full Driver
Download ««« XPS Driver
Download ««« MP Driver 

Canon Pixma MX725 Software Download Windows

Download ««« Full Software Package
Download ««« EasyPhotoPrint Editor 
Download ««« IJ Printer Assistant Tool 
Download ««« Speed Dial Utility
Download ««« My Image Garden
Download ««« Quick Menu

Canon Pixma MX725 Driver Download OS X/ Mac

Download ««« CUPS Driver for Mac x32 x64
Download ««« ICA Driver for Mac x32 x64
Download ««« Full Scanner Driver for OS X x32 x64

Canon Pixma MX725 Software Download OS X/ Mac

Download ««« Full Software Package
Download ««« IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Download ««« IJ Printer Assistant Tool
Download ««« My Image Garden
Download ««« Quick Menu

Canon Pixma MX725 Driver Download Linux

Download ««« ScanGear MP- rpm
Download ««« IJ Printer Driver for Linux — Source file
Download ««« ScanGear MP- Source file
Download ««« IJ Setup Canon Printer Driver for Linux — rpm
Download ««« IJ Start Canon Printer Driver for Linux — debian
Download ««« ScanGear MP- debian

Canon Pixma MX725 Manual Set Up Download

Download ««« Guide IJ Printer Driver Linux
Download ««« Guide ScanGear MP Linux

Download ««« Guide Quick Menu Mac
Download ««« Guide My Image Garden Mac
Download ««« User Manual Mac

Download ««« Guide Quick Menu Windows
Download ««« My Image Garden Windows
Download ««« User Manual Windows 

Download ««« Getting Started Guide

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